Saulé’s colour-bursting single is a hypnotic revelation

Saturating in the all-consuming lust of new love, Saulé intricately paints a picture with her single When We First Went Out.

The angelically-indie artist, Saulé, releases a textually alluring tune When We First Went Outpulling listeners into her magnetic artistry about the all-too-familiar feelings of consuming love.

Saulé, thoughtfully blends her honey vocals with heavenly synths, all grounded by the simplicity of a electronic beat – the track is infatuating in its lyrics and sonic mastery.


The artist began the project of Saulé in March of 2020, during the peak of lockdown. Swirling in her pastel imagination, her creative urge was intensified to begin sharing her music to the world. The track consumes the listeners, feeling like a literal saulé (sun) shining in the eyes, and glistening on the skin.

When We First Went Out exceptionally paints the lustful energy bursting in an early relationship;  “hands on my knees/you got me shaking” Saulé whirls. Floating on a shimmering lake, the artist feels like a blend of Vera Blue and Lana Del Rey, utterly intimate and kind as she angelically echoes in the chorus; “when we first went out/I can still remember in the height summer”.


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Saulé’s sweet voice is grounding in a level of trusting and calm wisdom as she sings; “do you feel it burning/symbiotic splitting up the sky”. Born in London and living in a handful of countries before settling in Canberra with her partner and two dogs, the artist has clearly taken her well-travelled experiences to illustrate a project that is hypnotically balanced.  When We First Went Out is a raw and moving tune, delivered with intimacy and wrapped around the warm blanket of harmonic sunrise-synths and an acoustic guitar.


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Saulé marks her music as the literal sonic translation of the sun – light, warm and golden. We can only hope that the Canberra-based singer continues to share her rays of heat.

Have a listen to Saulé’s single When We First Went Out below: