Savanah Solomon unveils mesmerising music video for ‘Where The River Meets The Sea’

Growing up in the quiet embrace of a small town, Savanah Solomon finds solace in stories, weaving melodies that evoke nostalgia and capture the timeless allure of rural landscapes.

Savanah Solomon, a singer/songwriter hailing from Moore River in Western Australia, emerges as a remarkable singer/songwriter, bearing the indelible mark of her country upbringing and an unwavering passion for the art of storytelling.

It is within the fertile soil of her roots that her creative journey has flourished, leading her to carve a prominent path within Western Australia’s illustrious music scene.

savanah solomon

Singer/songwriter Savanah Solomon gifts the world the experience of outgrowing a rural enclave, in her alt-country EP, ‘Where the River Meets the Sea,’ an auditory masterpiece that delicately embraces your senses while showcasing her unparalleled prowess as a songwriter.

Within these six tracks lies a tapestry of captivating narratives that weave together the essence of nature’s allure, her wanderlust-filled adventures, thought-provoking conversations with her father, and the intricacies of life itself.

From the mundane to the momentous, Solomon fearlessly unravels the vivid tapestry of human existence, infusing each lyric with the resilience to endure the tedious and challenging moments while basking in the radiant warmth of sunshine and joy.

Accompanied by the visually enchanting official music video, filmed amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Guilderton, Yued Noongar Boodja, courtesy of the visionary lens of Emma Smart Videography, Soloman’s poetic storytelling takes flight, reminding us that the seemingly ordinary chapters of our lives pave the way for extraordinary achievements.

Savanah’s EP sets ablaze the West Australian music scene, with its title track roaring as a fiery force to be reckoned with. Already making seismic waves, it garners accolades as it takes its well-deserved place in the spotlight.

Premiering on Double J, this musical gem has captured the hearts and ears of enthusiasts, earning effusive praise from the esteemed Triple J Team.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the song has recently earned a Top 5 Nomination in the coveted WAM (West Australian Music) Song of the Year Awards, claiming its rightful position in the esteemed Country category.

Within the resounding currents of the title track, Savanah’s formidable voice rises, carrying the weight of her narrative with unwavering strength and undeniable purity.

The mellifluous twang of guitars and the ethereal notes of the pedal steel intertwine seamlessly, unveiling the sublime subtlety of her craft. With each note and lyric, the story unfolds vividly, transporting listeners to a realm where confidence melds effortlessly with the art of songwriting.

As Sara Glaidous of Triple J aptly observes, Savanah soars within this composition, her creative prowess emanating with resplendent clarity. The story pulses vibrantly, leaving an indelible mark on the soul of every listener fortunate enough to bear witness to this captivating piece of artistry.

In the tapestry of Savanah’s musical journey, this track stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and a testament to the boundless heights she is destined to reach.