BINDY’s top five producer playlist: Sonic inspirations for creative brilliance

BINDY unveils her meticulously curated playlist—a collection of sonic treasures that have shaped her journey as a producer and ignited the fires of creativity.

When it comes to crafting musical masterpieces the realm of music production transcends the mere confines of a desk and a laptop. For BINDY, it becomes a sacred space where creativity converges with technology, and where the right combination of sonic ingredients can summon moments of pure magic.

Step into the world of producer extraordinaire, BINDY, who understands the transformative power of music and its ability to kindle the flames of inspiration.


BINDY has discovered that certain artists and songs hold the key to unlocking the perfect conditions for creative brilliance. These sonic gems, carefully curated and combined, create an alchemical reaction within her artistic process. They are more than mere background noise—they propel her forward, pushing the boundaries of her unique production style.

Like an ancient sorceress, BINDY blends elements from her favorite tracks into a cauldron of creativity, weaving infectious guitar loops and heart-wrenching storytelling into her own distinct sonic signature. As we join BINDY on this sonic odyssey, we will witness the enchanting power of music, transported into a world where inspiration knows no bounds.

So, grab your headphones and prepare to immerse yourself in a realm where music reigns supreme—a realm where the tools of a producer emanate an irresistible aura of cool, as delve into Bindy’s top five producers playlist.

Where You Are (feat. WILLOW) – PinkPantheress

I started listening to PinkPantheress this year and fell in love with every single one of her songs. ‘Where You Are’ was a big influence on ‘contiki love song’ in terms of the production and guitar loop you hear throughout the song.

I love the way she tells a story through her songwriting so my aim was to do the same thing and tells of a real-life love story. 

Sweatpants – Terror Jr

This song played on repeat when I lived in Bristol. I used to walk up the hill back home with my headphones in, over-analysing the production of the track.

Felix Snow’s production on this whole album is incredible and I really like the ping-pong ball type drum beat thrown in the chorus.

Since then I’ve been a fan of mixing and matching with different instruments and sound effects in my songs, like the techno synth in the chorus for ‘late nights in bristol’.

Sims 2 – Coco & Clair Clair

Weirdly enough, I didn’t like this song the first time I heard it. But a couple of months later it randomly popped into my head and then I found myself ending 2021 listening to their entire ‘Posh’ album.

My first EP ‘Bubblegum Street’ (released 2022) was influenced a lot by their music, and the song ‘rosebud’ even has a sneaky mention of them in the first verse. I grew up playing the Sims so the fact they sampled the track from Buy Mode was so cool!

b i g g i r l – Oh Boy feat. yergurl

This song was what influenced ‘late nights in bristol’, the second song on the EP. I’m all about sad girl pop vibes, and I wanted to make a song that could be played at 3am in a quiet bedroom.

I wrote the song about a ‘what could have been’ relationship and wanted to tap into the moody, in-my-feelings element while still keeping an uptempo rim snare beat.

My favourite part is the ending where it fades out and you hear a little giggle from me – it’s an imperfection but it’s what makes the song perfect in my eyes.

Whip – Memphis LK

I only started listening to Memphis LK more recently but her breakbeat-style drums on this track served as the inspiration for my song ‘harder’.

I wrote the song about learning to love myself after the end of my first relationship, which was the prequel to the story behind ‘dear diary’, and led to me living my best life travelling around Europe.

I think this style of production is where I want to take more of my music, so let’s see what happens!

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