Isaac from ‘Something Zesty’ shares his top 5 zesty tracks 

Creative experimentation and funktastic fun is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding Something Zesty.

The New Zealand bandits have charmed us from all angles, their project spanning an impressive release catalogue as well as a dedicated Youtube presence.

With a DIY attitude, and an unrelating desire to explore, Something Zesty have cultivated this remarkable ability to curate an especially disarming and joyous tone in a multitude of media spaces. 

Something Zesty

Taking inspiration from fellow high-brow scallywags Flight Of The Concords, Something Zesty aims to inject fun back into musicality, never compromising a sincere care for creating something genuinely good.

There is something to be said about artists who can not only defy musical expectations, but also uphold a commitment to creative connection and unbridled imagination. Isaac is the brainchild and content producing machine behind the project, and he has narrowed down the zestiest releases from the project so far.

Isaac from ‘Something Zesty’ shares his top 5 zesty tracks 

Isaac’s top 5 tracks to give you the zesty experience, with almost 30 plus songs now there are plenty of flavours of the zest, from the early punk rock vibes through the funky speed cooking jams to the newer alt rock singles it’s easy to get lost in the zesty adventures.

My favourite part of making music is the chase of an idea,  being taken to new grooves and adventures by following the excitement an alluring mystery of the muse.

It’s often about getting out of the way and letting the music write itself, it’s a euphoric experience that has lead me to plenty of exciting moments and sonic landscapes to explore. 

Over the years we’ve released just over 30 songs, with a mountain of demos and jams underneath us the zesty sound is constantly expanding and exploring new possibilities. I’m often looking ahead an chasing the next song so every now and then it’s important too look back an enjoy some of the many adventures we’ve had. 

Something Zesty

These are my top 5 something zesty tracks in no order that have made it out onto the World Wide Web and still give me a kick of energy to take forward.

Mad About It

First is the first song that kicked off the something zesty catalogue, “Mad About It”.

A quick punky track packed with attitude and a classic crunch, also with a cartoon music video I animated on my iPad opening up the visual side of the project.

The song was put together relatively fast , which was the idea to  escape the usual nature of overthinking and losing the moment .

It’s a fun track and a sound I’ve started to explore more on one of our latest single “skinks”  


Next we have “Fishtank” which is more of a Grungy rock vibe. The song lyrics are some of my favourite being very much how I feel a lot of the time .. “it’s got me thinking .. I think too much”.

It has this laidback lazy vocal with drivey riffs and a catchy lead which always leave me very emotional at the end of the song .

The music video also was a lot of fun and probably our greatest effort with master mind Joshua Dey who brought the Vision to life, check it out! 


Then there’s the chill acoustic duet  “Footprintz” our most stripped back song that is just me and a guitar. My vocals have never been my strongest point but this was a track I remember feeling like it was starting to work.

It has a somber vibe and a strong message of letting it be easy, being easy on yourself and letting things things happen as they are which came from the end of a very stressful period in my life.

It is a special song that always relaxes my soul accompanied by a scenic video up our beautiful mountain Ruapehu also filmed by josh. 

It’s Cool To Be Lame

“It’s Cool To Be Lame “ which very much like the title suggests summarisers the fun we’ve had with our two “funkt up” albums coming from our YouTube series “speed cooking.”

These two albums are packed with fun(k) in every sense, the energy and fluidness that went into these songs was bottled up perfectly for every listen.

It’ll instantly transport me back to those times in the studio having a blast, laughing and dancing in every combination of stage costumes we’ve gathered from over the years.

This song is just exciting with the solos, synths and our good friend Ethan Coleman laying down live drums to amplify the track even more.

As fun as the vibe is there is a lot of truth in the lyrics, they are a reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

The track is a ride and I’m sure if you enjoy this one you’ll love both the funkt up 1/2 albums , tight!


Then, of course, our latest addition “Funkatiers” which is a blend of the rock elements and the grooves and solos of the funkt up albums.

With Ethan Coleman on drums, Andrews big solo and the featured vocals of Hana Grace Tamatea it is a powerful track that really takes the zest higher!

The production is massive on all aspects of the track, from working with mixing engineer Jason Meadows, to the 3D animated video by Dylan Pritchard, it really shows the evolution and world building of what truely is .. something zesty! 

There’s plenty of keys into the door of the something zesty universe, and I feel once you’re in there’s a real journey of soundscapes and adventures to get lost in.

So buckle up as we’re just warming up with our newest album “under the ocean ” coming out in the next few months bringing a combination of all the above.

It’s a great new adventure for the zest and another chapter closed on my life from the last couple years so keep your ears and eyes peeled! 

I’m now living in Melbourne so jamming isn’t as accessible with my partner in funk Andrew Condon (merlin) but the songs an stories are flowing!

With every release I feel a lot of growth and understanding of my place as an artist and I’m really excited for the future of something zesty.

Stay connected with the citrusy collective, and their stylish new release ‘Funkatiers’