The Splints redefine Brisbane’s music scene with new single ‘I Just Wanna Know’

Welcome to the captivating world of The Splints, where Brisbane’s music scene is set ablaze by their irresistible energy and mesmerizing melodies.

Brisbane’s formidable outfit, The Splints, waste no time in following up their soaring debut single ‘Come & Get It’ with another high-energy anthem. ‘I Just Wanna Know’ catapults listeners into their captivating sonic universe, leaving no room for complacency. Brace yourself for this riveting journey curated by The Splints.

The Splints burst onto the vibrant Brisbane music scene like a wrecking ball, their debut single ‘Come & Get It’ obliterating barriers and leaving fellow artists in awe. Instantly embraced by their peers, the band earned a flurry of coveted live support slots across the city, as if their music possessed a magnetic force that drew audiences in.

The Splints

Their sonic prowess didn’t stop there. ‘Come & Get It’ caught the attention of Triple J, Australia’s esteemed national radio station, where it spun relentlessly on both Home & Hosed and Good Nights, as if the song had nestled itself into the station’s DNA.

Now, The Splints unleash ‘I Just Wanna Know,’ a follow-up single that acts as a sonic catapult, propelling them even further into the realm of Australian music. With this electrifying anthem, they cement their position as one of the most exhilarating newcomers in the country’s musical landscape. 

With an allure that is both irresistible and unstoppable, The Splints effortlessly ensnare audiences with their electrifying stage presence and enchanting harmonies. Their meteoric rise in the music realm is an undeniable testament to their artistry, propelling them towards the stratosphere of musical greatness.

In the process, they shatter preconceived notions and redefine the very essence of captivating power within the Australian music scene of 2023. 

The Splints have also unveiled a mesmerizing glimpse into their creative process with a stunning in-house studio documentary at Twin Sound studios.

Behind the scenes of their infectious track ‘I Just Wanna Know,’ the band fearlessly embraces the DIY ethos, showcasing what they are capable of when they take matters into their own hands, surrounded by their trusted crew.

It’s a celebration of freedom and comfort, as The Splints fully embrace their name, inspired by literal broken drumsticks that have become emblematic of their journey.

The band delves into their creative processes, and in turn are very much in the present moment, sharing first hand their take on living ‘the good old days’  in the now. There’s an undeniable camaraderie and love that permeates their music-making process, fueling their latest single with an abundance of affection, talent, and skill.

The production shines brightly, allowing the vocals to take center stage, supported by harmonies that gracefully intertwine, perfectly synchronized. The result? A delectable blend of English and Aussie rock influences, sprinkled with indie rock sensibilities, perhaps even a touch of The Strokes for good measure. These elements coalesce into a rocking sensation that can only be described as quintessentially “The Splints.”