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Meet Savilian, a self-managed rapper tearing his way through the Australian music scene

Pursuing a career as a musician is a tough task. Pursuing a career as a self-managed musician is perhaps even tougher. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Sydney rapper Savilian is doing… and he’s killing it.

After picking up the skills he needed at an Entertainment Business Management course through JMC Academy, he has supported such names as Allday, Tkay Maidza, Seth Sentry, Kuren, and Ivan Ooze. One of the most promising young hip-hop stars Sydney has right now, Savilian is just getting started.

“It’s a fine balance”: We caught up with Sydney based rapper Savilian to chat about pursuing a career as a self-managed hip-hop artist.

At the end of the day, you can network as much as you want… you can meet as many people as you want… but if the art’s not good enough, it doesn’t matter,” he says.

It’s a really fine balance. You need to be able to shake hand and meet people… but you need to have the music to back it up.”

The artist credits a chunk of his success to his time studying at JMC Academy, saying “I went to JMC basically to take Savilian to the next level in terms of business management and the back end aspect of things.”

Watch the video for yourself below:

Savilian’s college JMC Academy are currently accepting applications for their February, June and September intakes in 2019.

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