Laws change, dickheads don’t: Scalpers haven’t gone anywhere since New York made ticket bots illegal

According to a recent post by LCD Soundsystem, there has been a resurgence in a certain brand of loser passing around fake tickets to their shows for way more money than they are worth. In fact, these ticket scalpers were so obtuse as to start selling said ‘tickets’ before they were even one sale through the official website.

Not only is this pretty D-List behaviour, but it goes against the recent legislative changes that have been enforced in New York in the plight to stop scalpers from running the live entertainment industry into the ground.

james murphy ticket scalpers lcd soundsystem

Morally bankrupt: As someone who is a part of the music industry, you know exactly how much work goes into touring and live music in the first place.

The concept of ticket bots might be new to some, but they are basically an online software that automatically purchases in bulk available tickets to a certain event under someone’s name, to be resold at an escalated price.

Basic right and wrong seems to bypass a number of people in coming to the conclusion that this business model is a good idea.

Following the action made in the USA, a motion has been passed here in the Australian senate to make it a national policy to ban ticket bots. With a number of popular tours in the past year hit with overpriced resales including Midnight Oil and Crowded House, the decision could not have come fast enough.

With an entertainment industry already gasping for air, the last thing we need is to have the industry exploited by people who only value the cash-in-hand value of a ticket, rather than the importance of the act themselves.