Scott Darlow unveils ‘Deadly Heart’ album featuring a captivating duet with Jezebels Hayley Mary

Yorta Yorta artist Scott Darlow unleashes his powerful record, Deadly Heart, featuring a captivating duet with Hayley Mary, as he advocates for change through his music.

Scott Darlow, the Melbourne-based Yorta Yorta artist, is making waves with his latest record, Deadly Heart. Today, he unveils the title track, a powerful duet featuring Hayley Mary from The Jezabels, as a tribute to his upcoming national tour and Treaty Day Out in Naarm this Saturday. Darlow is known for his passionate activism and advocacy work, and his new album serves as another platform to convey an essential message.

The captivating single, “Deadly Heart,” delves into the nation’s ability to unite with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Through this duet, Darlow and Mary pose tough questions, aiming to inspire change and foster a stronger, more united future while honoring a significant past.

scott darlow

Darlow’s upbringing played a pivotal role in shaping his unique perspective on Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations. Growing up abroad as his father traveled for work, he always felt like an outsider. This perspective finds its way into his music, as he seeks to explore the complexities of these relationships.

“‘Deadly Heart’ is something I tried to write that’s parallel and horizontal simultaneously,” explains Darlow. “On the one hand, it’s about a couple just trying to stay together. But it’s also about a nation that’s trying to come together. I wrote it through the pandemic, about us as a nation continuing to journey together and listen to each other. To sit and listen to each other’s stories, so they can become our stories.”

Darlow’s music is deeply rooted in his family and community. Each day, he strives to be the best version of himself and make a difference for Aboriginal people. Through his music, he hopes to create a better understanding and spark change.

“I know it sounds clichéd, but it’s just the truth of it,” Darlow shares. “What can I do next week to make a difference? If I can do that through my music and someone takes away a better understanding of what I’m trying to get across, that’s what it’s about for me.”

Darlow aspires for his album, Deadly Heart, to resonate with listeners who may not always be receptive to the conversations he initiates. He invites them to embark on this journey with him, hoping that his personal stories shared through music can contribute to bringing the nation together.

Having entered the Australian music scene in 2003, Scott Darlow has become a fixture in the country’s Indigenous and independent music industry. As a versatile singer-songwriter, guitarist, and didgeridoo player, he has captivated audiences worldwide. With over 50,000 albums sold globally and extensive tours across Australia, Asia, and the USA, Darlow’s impact is far-reaching.

Beyond his music, Darlow is a passionate Indigenous activist and a spokesperson for World Vision. He frequently speaks about his Indigenous culture, Australian history, racial tolerance, harmony, and important social issues in schools, businesses, and churches across Australia. His keyword, “FLUTE” (Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Tolerance, and Empathy), has gained widespread popularity, even finding its way into educational curriculums and organizational charters.

Mark your calendars for the release of Deadly Heart on Friday, October 27, via Reclusive Records. Scott Darlow’s partnership with the late Michael Gudinski’s new record label has further solidified his position as an artist with a powerful message to share. As 2023 unfolds, expect Darlow’s music to continue making an impact and resonating with audiences worldwide.


Sat 3 Jun | Treaty Day Out | Naarm/Melbourne, VIC
Sat 26 Aug | Universal Bar | Perth, WA
Fri 13 Oct | Vinnies Dive Bar | Southport, QLD
Sat 14 Oct | Lefty’s Music Hall | Brisbane, QLD
Sat 21 Oct | Vanguard | Sydney, NSW
Sat 28 Oct | Corner Hotel | Richmond, VIC