Inkabee drops inspiring new track ‘Saved by the Bell’ with a message for his peers

While most 11-year-olds are navigating school and playgrounds, Inkabee is busy breaking barriers with his latest release ‘Saved by the Bell,’ proving that age is just a number when it comes to delivering captivating hip-hop artistry.

Inkabee, the 11-year-old Nyoongar Wongi hip-hop artist hailing from Boorloo (Perth), Western Australia, has just dropped his latest track, ‘Saved by the Bell,’ delivering a powerful message to his peers.

This infectious and upbeat single marks Inkabee’s second-ever release and his first solo track, showcasing his prodigious talent and highlighting the importance of education and pursuing dreams.


‘Saved by the Bell’ combines catchy melodies with fast and intricate rap patterns, demonstrating Inkabee’s phenomenal MC abilities and unique style. The young artist describes it as a “feel good hype track” that emphasizes the significance of education and the pursuit of dreams.

The vibrant and uplifting music video, shot and directed by Uncool Sam, captures the energy of the schoolyard, with scenes set in a primary school and Inkabee rapping alongside his peers.

Inkabee’s journey into the music industry began when he wrote his first rap at the tender age of seven. In December 2022, he made his breakthrough with the debut track ‘Beat the Odds,’ which he co-wrote and recorded with his father, the award-winning Nyoongar Wongi rapper and activist, Flewnt.

The track carries a poignant message of unity and encouragement for Aboriginal people to overcome challenges and has garnered critical acclaim, earning a nomination for a WAM (West Australian Music) award.

Over the past six months, Inkabee has been captivating audiences with his high energy and larger-than-life stage presence, performing alongside Flewnt at major arts, culture, and sporting events in Boorloo (Perth). With an upcoming performance at Vivid Sydney, Inkabee continues to make waves in the music scene.

Managed by FN Focus alongside his father, Inkabee brings a fresh perspective to the genre through his youth and indigenous background. Despite his rising fame, he remains committed to prioritizing his education.

Inkabee’s hope is that ‘Saved by the Bell’ will inspire and encourage his peers to prioritize their schooling while pursuing their dreams. The track is now available on Spotify and YouTube, allowing fans to immerse themselves in Inkabee’s infectious sound and powerful message.

Be sure to catch Inkabee and Flewnt at Vivid Sydney on June 9, 2023, where they will be performing alongside renowned artists Kobie Dee and JK-47 at Carriageworks. With his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication, Inkabee is set to take the world by storm.