Scott Morrison reckons Australia will be mostly back to normal by July

Speaking in a press conference today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed a 3-step plan which will hopefully see most of Australia back to normal by July.

The three stages will see most workers returning to their workplaces, including pubs and clubs, although the specifics of each stage will be implemented by state governments.

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In a press conference, Scott Morrison has revealed a 3-step plan which will hopefully see most of Australia returning to normalcy by July.

Following a series of National Cabinet meetings this week, Morrison revealed a Federal framework for the easing of lockdown. However, the Prime Minister expressed that caution should be taken and everything may not go to plan.

“In this plan, we walk before we run,” Morrison described. “We know we need to be careful to preserve our gains, if we wish to reclaim the ground we lost, we cannot be too timid. There will be risks. There will be challenges. There will be outbreaks, there will be more cases, there will be set-backs. Not everything will go to plan.”

The steps are as follows:

Step 1

The first changes will enable 5 people to be able to gather indoors and ten people outside. These rules will also apply to businesses and public places, meaning that restaurants, cafes, and retail shops will be able to re-open. Whilst interstate travel is still off the cards, local and regional is encouraged.

Step 2

When this stage comes into effect gatherings of 20 people will be allowed inside. A wider range of businesses, including cinemas, galleries, gyms, salons, and amusement parks will also be allowed to open. Some interstate travel will be allowed, taking into account whatever each state chooses in terms of re-opening their borders.

Step 3

The final stage will see up to 100 people permitted indoors or outdoors, allowing for the reopening of pubs, clubs, and food courts. All interstate travel will be allowed, including travel by air. At this stage, the “travel bubble” with New Zealand will also be considered, as well as travel to some Pacific Islands and for international students.

It’s expected that this last stage will occur in July, however, there hasn’t been any exact timeline stipulated so this may change depending on the circumstances. Fines will still apply to people who disobey the rules of each stage.

People have begun reacting to the news on Twitter, and everyone seems to be concerned with one thing and one thing only:

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