Scrutinise over 70 years on the history of graphic design in one magnificent new volume

A massive new volume from the amazing team at Taschen aims to catalogue 70 years of graphic design iconographyThe History of Graphic Design 1890–1959 calls in author Jens Müller and editor Julius Wiedemann in a comprehensive, unprecedented visual guide through the field’s rich history.

Tracing graphic design’s lineage back to poster design in the late 19th century through to the mass-produced explosion of talent post-WWII, it looks to be an absolutely essential purchase for anyone who holds design close to their hearts.

Interested in the history of graphic design? A new volume out of the UK has catalogued the field with unparalleled certainty, from 1890 through to 1959.

From Taschen, here’s what you can expect to find in the volume:

“In this mighty first volume, Jens Müller traces 70 years of graphic design, designers, and developments from the late 19th century through the economic boom after World War II, spanning designs that would form the basis for further revolutions.”

“Year-by-year spreads are combined with in-depth features on hundreds of landmark projects, profiles of industry leaders, as well as visual timelines of each decade.”

See a view images of the collection below:

history of graphic design taschen

Grab your copy of The History of Graphic Design 1890–1959 here.

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