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Fall into the warm, authentic songwriting of Sean McMahon’s new single Spring

Some songwriters have the uncanny ability of building an affinity with their listeners within seconds. Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sean McMahon is one of these artists.

With his warm, authentic tones, McMahon will walk his way into your heart and stay there as long as you let him.

A mesmerising listen from start to finish; Spring, the immersive new single from Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sean McMahon will stick with you for weeks.

On his incredibly endearing new track Spring, the artist weave together elements of folk, rock , Americana, and alt-country to deliver an earthy sound that belongs entirely to himself.

The new track sees McMahon traverse through immersive storytelling and folk-infused, heartfelt soundscapes to deliver a new single that feels simultaneously mellow and adventurous.

Sometimes you get lucky and you stumble upon a song, as though it already existed,” McMahon says of the new track.

I found this one not long after I moved into a little flat on my own. The song starts with ‘there’s a change in the air, it’s the second day of spring’. I went outside for a walk and slipped into a daydream, and by that evening the song was written.”

Spring is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from the songwriter, with his discography including a pair of brilliant full-length albums and a live album.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.








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August 14, 2018