Senivoda perform their genre-defying tunes at Freespace Jazz Fest live in Hong Kong

Senivoda are the kind of collective made for the stage. Limited by neither genre, nor talent, the internationally traipsing group recently wrapped up their Hong Kong tour at Freespace Jazz Fest. Rich with themes of self-motivation and environmentalism, performance art is the perfect means for their expressionism.

Following the release of their eclectic album Dream & Water, Senivoda brought their eclectic psychedelic groove to the stage at Hong Kong’s recent Freespace Jazz Fest.

Led by vocalist Ola Milena and bassist Rachael Mowen, who originally met in Melbourne, the band all wore white. The symbol of purity and cleanliness, it couldn’t have made for a better statement. Senivoda’s recently released LP Dream & Water (Sen meaning dream, Voda meaning water in Polish) was brought to life with the full line up; bongos, wind chimes, trumpet, saxophone, guitar and of course, Ola’s heavenly vocals.

Just when you feel the caramelising rhythm of Senivoda, a spritely flute solo, an acapella interlude or a soaring sax will zap you back to the sheer talent of the band. Originally from Poland, Ola has travelled broadly and moved to Hong Kong in 2018. Her involvement in the jazz scene there, forged with her passion for musical inclusivity and collaboration led to Senivoda’s kind of soundscape. They performed a well-received set at Freespace Jazz Fest last November. Enjoy below:

Continuing on with their universal themes, the band on stage for Freespace included an exotic mix of culture. Guitarist Geoff King Luk and drummer Nate Won are from Hong Kong, multi-instrumentalists Farley Sangels and Alex Cummings are from the USA and Alonzo Gonzales is originally from Columbia.

Having worked as a sound healer and voice yoga teacher, Ola’s message of sustainability and universal love is ingrained in her music:

“Senivoda’s vision is to spread a strong intention of care for the planet, the development of the inner space of individuals and the health of the collective. Our music is designed to inspire freedom of thought, connection with the Earth and a deeper understanding of human nature.

“As a duo our connection is deeply grounded in both music and friendship. The songs we write can be performed as simply as just with the two of us and expanded into the psychedelic sound with vibrant instrumentation as found on Dream & Water.”

If you’re a manager looking for a band with all the professionalism and drive for an international reach, the band say they’re looking for someone whose vision aligns.

In the meantime, if you don’t have a spare thirty minutes to watch the whole set, dive into the seductive video for Shut, below: