Road testing Sennheiser’s IE 100 PRO Wireless in-ear monitors

The new IE 100 PRO Wireless in-ear monitors let you take the Sennheiser sound from point A to point B, and anywhere else in the world.

If you’re an audio enthusiast, you’ve definitely heard of the Sennheiser brand and sound. From touring musicians to sweaty DJ nightclub sets, bedroom producers to monitor engineers. With exceptional build and sound quality, Sennheiser has become a product people swear by. You may be familiar with timeless pieces of equipment like the MD 421 dynamic microphone, or the HD 25 headphones.

Sennheiser has been in the in-ear monitors game for a number of years with the PRO series. Now, they’ve launched the IE 100 PRO Wireless aimed at people who need a streamlined option. The IE 100 PRO Wireless bundles the IE 100 Pro in-ear monitors with the IE PRO BT Connector for Bluetooth connectivity. The PRO series sees Sennheiser bring what they’re best at, innovation through persistence. Let’s see what makes up the IE 100 PRO Wireless.

IE 100 Pro

The IE 100 PRO has been marketed as having a powerful, precise and well-rounded warm sound. Labelled as having a frequency response of 20 Hz – 18kHz, it has a bit more upper range than other products on the market. The real experience: it is surprisingly flat as far as in-ear monitors go. It packs an enjoyable general listening experience, while still having enough mid content to offer ‘cut-through and presence.

Sennheiser has developed a new 10 mm dynamic driver. Unlike the typical multiple driver solutions derived from hearing aids, a dynamic driver means there’s one speaker providing that frequency range. Through this, they’ve removed any possible phase issues that happen within the inner ear with multiple drivers. With a 115 dB SPL, it’s got some extra power over other products on the market.

They are described as “small and mighty” on their product page, and they live up to this. The IE 100 PRO compact design is light, the make is truly Sennheiser standard. It sits around the ear quite nicely, the plastic isn’t abrasive or heavy. With a pair of foams that you find comfortable, you could expect to wear this without strain for a couple of hours. The cable has an inner duct that is built to last, and stand the test of the road.

The IE PRO BT Connector allows you to unplug the IEM side and plug in the Bluetooth cable adaptor. It also has a microphone, meaning you get a package that adapts to where you are and what you’re doing. Whether you’re heading towards the gig, or at the gig. You don’t need to change headsets, you can chat on the phone hands-free, then plug into an ears pack. The IE PRO BT Connector is also super lightweight coming in at 13 g and is super easy to use in terms of connectivity.

Before you ask, Sennheiser has kept future you in mind! Refreshingly, the IE 100 PRO Wireless has upgradable sections. You can swap out the cable for a mono cable if you like just one ear-piece or even a twisted pair cable. Other features and bits include a USB A-C charging cable, three other pairs of foams, a cleaning tool, and a super well-made soft pouch.

If you’re in the market for in-ears that can also adapt into travelling headphones, the IE 100 PRO is a high-quality solution that can adapt to many workflows.

For more details, visit Sennheiser.