At the back end of last year, Seoul sent music bloggers into mayhem with their out-of-the-blue debut single Stay With Us. With a lush, dreamy tale of disconnection – and an equally stunning video – unveiled with almost no information available about the band behind it, mystery musical boners abounded. After allowing their music to do the talking, Seoul are now ready to capitalize (geography pun!).

seoul band

Unlike South Korea in any way are Seoul, the relatively mysterious trio from Montreal who have caused some musical internet boners.

The assumed mysteriousness turned out to be less an intentional ploy than a desire to expose only what they feel is “most importing in connecting with the audience musically”. They have since revealed themselves as a three-piece based in Montreal, who made their start in 2010 with a few years of songwriting and experimenting in configurations, as well as names (‘Cherry Chapstick’ didn’t quite convey the same intrigue). The three dudes spent a year together in Montreal piecing together an album, before two of them had to return to the US to finish university, bummer. They eventually reconvened in July 2013 to focus on their music and started releasing what they’d produced.

Stay With Us remains the only full taste so far, which blew up by August. The airy, ambient pop tune is immediately enthralling with its gentle synths, idyllic guitars and floating vocals, pertinent in conveying the feeling of disconnection. It is cut from their soon to be released debut EP I Become a Shade, which takes the theme further in evoking the idea of becoming a ‘shade’ of yourself, or as the band prefer to describe it, “a momentary loss of perspective”.

Just last week they released a teaser for the next single White Morning on their Facebook page*, which seems to follow similarly intimate, textured musicality. After fronting up a couple of showcases at this year’s SXSW festival, this latest release is surely a sign that they’ve found a label home for their album, and it’s not too far away.

* Update: White Morning is now available in it’s entirety to stream via Soundcloud.



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