Seraphim Rising unleashes her voice, talking all things metal and new music

Solo artist, Seraphim Rising opens up about being a female in the metal music industry and the dating culture that inspired Time Wasters.

Coming from the release of her intricately captivating track Like A Wildfire, Happy chats with Courtney (Seraphim Rising) about her adventures making music as a solo artist.

Etched with the same openness and rawness as the lyrics in her tracks, Seraphim Rising unpacks the challenges faced by a woman in the metal music scene and the cathartic energy that heals her when making music.

Seraphim Rising

HAPPY: Hey Courtney! Where do you find yourself today?

SERAPHIM RISING: Hi, I hope you are doing well, I happen to be sitting at home at the computer where all the magic happens.

HAPPY: Tell me a bit about Seraphim Rising, how did this solo adventure come about?

SERAPHIM RISING: I have always wanted to start a band, and I started this project in hopes of starting a metal band, my first release The Fall is a metal track where I combine clean and harsh vocals. It started with the intention to add a band in the mix, but life had other plans and I kept it a solo project instead.

HAPPY: You described your music style as heavy metal, what drew you to this genre?

SERAPHIM RISING: I have always loved music for as long as I can remember, it started as a kid with my mum listening to mainstream rock artists who would be on the radio like Nickelback, Avril Lavigne or Evanescence. For as long as I can remember I have loved Evanescence, Amy Lee is my idol. So, these artists led the way for me and opening up the door to metal, exploring all sorts of music. I listen to a very wide range of music from metalcore to black metal, and my most favourite genre of metal which is melodic death metal, Insomnium being my favourite band of this genre.

HAPPY: Your recent tracks have been more mellow, was this intentional?

SERAPHIM RISING: I wouldn’t say it is intentional I just have been getting ideas that just happen to fit more of a pop vibe than heavy one.

HAPPY: You’ve mentioned that music “heals you”, what did you mean by that?

SERAPHIM RISING: When I say heal I mean literally healing like physically and mentally. The vibrations of music and singing feel like a warm hug, feels like I’m sageing myself but with my voice (I’m a Witch and I’m very spiritual). What is mentally healing for me is getting my thoughts out there, it’s like writing in a diary or talking to someone, to me.

HAPPY: You released a new single Time Wasters a couple of weeks ago, congrats! tell us a bit about it.

SERAPHIM RISING: Time Wasters is a track I created thinking about dating culture, (maybe a bit of my exes too). But mostly dating culture. In this track, I talk about how shallow the dating scene is, and I’m not even saying I’m any better, in fact, I think it is just how we have been shaped by society, to put way too much care about appearances instead of really focusing on the heart of a person.

HAPPY: How have you found the metal music industry in Australia?

SERAPHIM RISING: Well, there is definitely a big scene for metal in Australia with some deeply passionate fans who share that love. For the most part, the metal scene is great… but I have experienced quite a sexist side to it where men actually said things like they “don’t want to work with a girl, that’s just for attention”. Or the opposite where they only wanted to work with me to get something out of it. I’m not speaking for everyone though; this is just my experiences.

HAPPY: Who have been your favourite artists/inspiration at the moment?

SERAPHIM RISING: Of course, I am always inspired by Evanescence and their new album The Bitter Truth is amazing. Lana Del Rey is also a big influence and inspiration. I love her haunting voice and dark lyrics.

HAPPY: What is in the future for Seraphim Rising?

SERAPHIM RISING: So, I have another new single that is about to be released this is called Don’t Know Why so keep an eye out for that! And I have started writing for an album so that is exciting. The album is looking to be more towards pop in terms of genre. I hope to be making some music videos in the near future and to do some live shows!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat, Courtney!

Have a listen to Seraphim Rising’s new track Time Wasters below: