Sex On Toast share sexually electric new video Party

Some people will begin their mornings with a boring serve of Peanut Butter on toast, others will perhaps attempt to experiment with the slightly more exotic Vegemite, while some even prefer jam.

Yet the truly more advanced members of our society know there’s only one true way to begin your mornings; Sex On Toast.

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With turtle-necks, group baths, and hair-blowing-in-the-wind guitar solo action, Sex On Toast’s new video Party is the perfect aphrodisiac.

Contain yourselves, people. The irresistibly charming ten man organisation, otherwise known as Sex On Toast, are back at it again with their irresistibly charming new video for Party.

On the new track, Sex On Toast bring their signature sexually charged, early ’80s style of funk-pop in bounds.

From the incredibly seductive turtleneck skivvies to lead vocalist Angus E. Leslie’s pronunciation of the word bay-bay, Party packs everything you could ask for in a music video. Seriously, those turtlenecks are doing things to my body.

Normally, a group of gentlepeople with such righteous musical talent would take themselves far too seriously, though Sex On Toast remain masters of the piss-take.

The Melbourne group have gathered a tonne of attention for their insane live show, which features choreographed dance moves, complex arrangements, and their specialised art of “performative larrikinism.”

S.O.T have a history of gloriously ridiculous videos, including 2015’s Oh Loretta! which even featured Aussie music icon Molly Meldrum. Glad to know the pedigree hasn’t gone anywhere.


Check out the new video for Party above, and catch the song in the flesh at the single launch:

March 24th – Max Watts, Melbourne – w/ The Do Yo Thangs & Tiaryn
$20 pre-sale, $25 on the door. Full details here.