The 5 best sex toys for men (make orgasms great again)

To make orgasms great again, we’ve listed the 5 best sex toys for men guilty of craving a little more action after dinner.

Eleanor Rosevelt once famously observed, “life is what you make it”. If we take this wisdom to the bedroom, we find sex toys. And lots of them. Taboo, needlessly shamed, and alarmingly effective; but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Our sex-sided journalism has discovered Reddit threads dedicated to wild sex stories, a guy with two working penises, and Netflix’s steamy side, but never into the realm of adult toys.

Today, we’ve decided to zone in on sex toys for men, as they’re usually discarded in favour of manual stimulation. And yes, while a hand and a bit of elbow grease get the job done, there are actually a plethora of tools to take male climaxes further than ever. We’ve done the research and closed the blinds, so let’s take a peep at the 5 best sex toys for men.

sex toys for men

#5 – The Egg

Self-gratification should be a right for everyone, so best believe we’re starting with the budget option. If you’re only looking to dip your toes into the sea of male sex toys, look no further than the Tenga Egg. For only $6, you can take your pent-up horniness into a seriously stretchy elastomer sleeve and go wild.

Image: Tenga

It’s got lube included, is reusable and fits all sizes (though don’t hold us to that). Aside from its price, its best feature is its compact size. Pleasuring yourself has never been so discreet.

#4 – Penis Pump

Penis pumps are not made equal. Cheap material is asking for disaster, and then there are the novelty options to scour through. There’s manual, hydro, electric, and no, we’re not talking about our Earth’s renewable energy options. The professional opinion of CalExotics sexologist, Jill McDevitt, is to purchase the CalExotics Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Pump.

Image: The Big Gay Review

What puts this model above the rest is its versatility. You can use it manually or preset your pressure and duration. There’s also a quick air release button and a stroker sleeve you can remove. Masturbation has never been so high-tech.

#3 – Prostate Massager

The rear end remains one of the most underutilized pleasure points of the male sexual experience. Regardless of your sexual preference, your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings more than capable of achieving an orgasm. To explore this area and find your sweet spots, the LELO Hugo is your best bet. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s also got the utility to match.

Image: Lelo

By tilting the remote, you can control the level of the vibrations and their locations. First, pinpoint the magic position, then prepare for the head to toe sensations.

#2 – Cock Ring

The biggest problem people seem to have with cock rings is their vibration level. Sadly, many inexpensive cock rings don’t vibrate strongly enough to achieve satisfaction, meaning they’re cast aside for other alternatives. However, this limp tragedy can be avoided with a solid option, such as the LELO Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring.

Image: LELO

It’s a snug fit, and the vibration is so pleasurable, it can function as a vibrator for your partner too!

#1 – Fleshlight

Created in 1998 and never forgotten since, the Fleshlight has become the cornerstone of male sex toys. These days, you can expect many reincarnations of the original. There’s travel-size, vibrating, non-vibrating, automatic, blowjob simulators, transparent models and loads more. For every specific need, there seems to be a Fleshlight up for the task. So if we had to recommend one, we’re going to give a cutting edge model some love.

Image: Tenga

The TENGA Flip 0 looks like a missing piece of the periodic table, but don’t let its strange inside markings built deter you. All those curves, hilts, and grooves inside are all strategically placed to give your john as many unique sensations as possible. But, of course, there’s only one way to find out, right?