Would you have sex with a robot? Apparently 40 per cent of people would!

A new study featuring 1,200 participants reveals some interesting concepts about robots and what the future may look like for human sex.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) a.k.a robots, have long been a speculated and explored topic, especially in regards to sex.

Tidio conducted a survey that delved into various topics to do with robots, and yes, one of those topics involved sex. To be exact, nearly 42 per cent of people would engage in sexual relations with a humanoid.

Sex robots are on the rise, are you in or out?
Image: Future Earth

I guess we are pretty much living in Matt Groenig’s Futurama now.

On the flip side, 39 per cent considered and believe that they could have a romantic relationship with artificial intelligence.

Sounds like Spike Jonze’s 2013 film Her, where Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) develops romantic feelings for AI Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) who does not have a physical form and is pretty much only a voice in a computer.

According to Tidio’s survey, there is a large discrepancy between men and women. 48 per cent of men are more vulnerable to both ideas of sleeping with a robot and 43 per cent are open to falling in love with one.

Tidio also claims that a generic robot with masculine features appeals more to male respondents than to female respondents.

A toy-like robot from SoftBank was described as ‘cartoonish’ and ‘condescending’ but was considered more attractive than the more realistically sexualised Sorayama robot.

SoftBank has apparently said ‘no lewd acts’ with ‘Pepper’, their AI design.

This SoftBank robot is considered more attractive? Yikes
SoftBank’s ‘Pepper’. Image: Dazed

Could you imagine?

Robot model of Sorayama
Sorayama robot. Image: Hypebeast

Robots have long been sexualised.

I am sure you could easily think of a few examples.

I’ll start it off for you: the fembots in Austin Powers probably take the award for sexiest robots.

Who would’ve thought I’d be ranking the sexiness of robots?

The sexy robots called fembots in Austin Powers defs fit into the category.
Image: YouTube

Female sexbots and chatbots are growing in popularity, yet like thousands of other fantasies that humans have divulged to stimulate our minds, they are still considered a form of fetishism and are not widely accepted.

Although fiction, another fine example of this was in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where a man made himself an AI girlfriend to have sex with and everyone thought it was creepy. But apparently it is not creepy to have sex with a 400-year-old-vampire.

I mean, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it…right?


The future of robots as a topic has also raised fears, similar to those touched on in the film I, Robot (2004). Prominently, people have speculated whether AI could replace their job. According to the Oxford Study, 47 per cent of total U.S employment is at risk because of computerisation.