Shaquille O’Neal gives away 1,000 PS5s and Nintendo Switches at Christmas charity event

Former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal gave away a Shaq-tonne of PS5s and Nintendo Switches to underprivileged kids at his annual Christmas charity event.

Shaquille O’Neal is a man with a big frame and even bigger heart. After retiring from the league, the former Lakers legend invested his career earnings into various businesses and made over $700 million, and he has put his money to good use by giving back to the community every Christmas. This year is no different – Shaquille’s annual Christmas charity event is back in full swing.

While it is the season for gift-giving and celebration, there are many who do not have the privilege to do so, especially in these recent COVID-riddled times. This is something Shaq was aware of as he started off his annual Christmas charity event at Wesley Lakes Elementary School in McDonough, Georgia with a bang, bringing the holiday cheer to over 500 children.

Image: Derek White/Getty Images for Pepsi Stronger Together

Shaq-a-Claus is an annual Christmas charity event which was started over 20 years ago, via the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation. The event started in 1992, founded by Shaq’s mother Dr. Lucille O’Neal, and has been going strong ever since.

This year, Shaquille bought a whopping 1,000 Nintendo Switch and PS5 game consoles to give to underprivileged kids, which is especially astounding considering how the latter is notoriously hard to lay hands on.

“My father was a drill sergeant, my mother just was a hard-working woman. They had little, but they taught me the value of giving back.” Shaquille said via EssentiallySports, “They taught me the value of helping those in need.”

“I called you know, my friend from Nintendo Switch. Ordered about 1,000 Switches and 1,000 PS5s. I went to Walmart and got bikes. So you know yesterday, at this little elementary school in McDonough Georgia, kids were crying, kids were happy. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Not many people who are in a position of wealth use it to help others. Shaq has definitely made many a kid’s day, and will continue doing so, it seems.

You can find out more about the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation here.