Take a dip into All of These Years, a sweeping and soulful debut from Shaun Kane

Written from the confines of a cosy Far North Queensland bedroom, All of These Years marks the very first EP from Shaun Kane. Pressed together with teenage memories of love, heartbreak and adventure, the record will ring true for anyone looking to revel in an earnest and soulful acoustic experience.

With striking similarities to the likes of Matt Corby, Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran and Jeff Buckley, Kane neatly ties together his take on the indie style through six tracks channelling a deep emotional timbre.

Shaun Kane

Which teenage memories do you hold onto? All of These Years by Shaun Kane will ignite this question from the inmost corners of your mind.

Opening track Come Back to Me sets the scene for the entire record. Soulful and sweeping in its execution, the song draws on the strength of Kane’s bright vocals and aptitude for pulling on the heart strings.

Following is When I Am with You, swinging with a burgeoning energy, absorbing pace and some punchy drums.

You Don’t Matter strips everything back to unveil an emotional core, while New Zealand weaves a glorious tale of love while striking some serious nostalgia for anyone who has ventured across the ditch. The track swings between soft and sweet tones before building into a more hammering chorus:

“I only think about you every minute of the day, and I’ve never felt that way before, but that’s okay.”

All of These Years balances its acoustic riffs with a sense of regret. Through simple but affecting lyricism, Kane weaves a strong narrative thread: “When we were fifteen, I snuck out of the house to get drunk“.

The Brook harbours a more romantic pull, with a plucky guitar structure adding a vibrant and rich layer.

Shaun Kane’s All of These Years is like warming yourself up by a fire. Characterised by its strong emotion pull and knack for uncovering youthful memories, the EP lays a damn fine precedent for Kane’s musical journey.