PREMIERE: Eaten By Dogs tear down the romance of recording in new clip Bloody Heels

Eaten By Dogs amplify the alt-country chaos on their latest clip for Bloody Heels. The roaring banger marks the latest offering from the Melbourne lads, who skilfully tap into a perfectly disorderly energy.

Made up of Christopher Lichti (vocals), Callum Preston (drums), Josh Crawley (lap steel guitar) and Michael Hansby (guitar), the band aren’t interested in cowboy hats or Nashville. Instead they reject these country tropes in favour of refining their brand of bleak beats.

Served up with stringy guitar riffs, fierce drums and some deep vocal timbre, Bloody Heels is sure to turn misconceptions upside down. For the clip’s duration of three and a half minutes, romantic notions of the recording process are completely toppled – replaced by a chaotic scene closer to the reality of the situation.

Eaten By Dogs

Bloody Heels by Eaten By Dogs is perfectly suited to the passion and vigour of the band. Through its spirited structure and panic-stricken nature, the clip takes us through the bleak reality of the recording process.

Contrasting the arty and soulful vibes you may be used to, the recording process is instead depicted as laborious, repetitive, and able to corrode even the strongest of minds.

It’s a scene that the band personally experienced during the creation of Bloody Heels. With members pushed to their psychologicaly limits, something of a brain implosion was sure to come about before emerging from the ashes.

Filmed on location at the Aviary studios in Melbourne, the clip pulses with the energy and fervour typifying the group. Drawing inspiration from a post-rock and post-modernist style, the track is essential viewing for anyone looking to channel feelings of confusion and anxiety.

Be sure to catch Eaten By Dogs on June 16 when they play the Cactus Room. You can also grab a copy of their latest album Anxiety Ain’t No Currency through Bandcamp.