PREMIERE: Crack open a tin, light up a ciggie, and enjoy Poison Peril's debut single Poison

PREMIERE: Crack open a tin, light up a ciggie, and enjoy Poison Peril’s debut single Poison

Posion Peril’s music possesses a sort of vitriol… a sort of venom that takes most bands years to develop.

The lo-fi, bedroom feel of their debut single Poison does not hinder the track like it would with most acts. It drives it.

Poison Peril’s debut single Poison is a thrashing, no-bullshit, in-your-face track about a love of smoking ciggies and sinking tins.

The new track is a reggae infused slab of crunching and gritty, no-frills pub rock… perfect for listening to while consuming a case of your favourite cheap beer.

Written while lead singer Patty was travelling through the North East of Sri Lanka, the song definitely captures some of those tropical, sunny vibes through some jangly guitars and spirited vocals.

Its kind of about missing home while being on the other side of the world but it also gets at how no matter where you are in the world one thing is the same… everyone loves to party and drink and smoke which is sort of what ‘Poison’ refers too,” the band say of the song.

Ain’t that the truth.

Some say laughter is the universal language. Others say music is. But I’m with Posion Peril in saying that beer and ciggies together are the one true universal language. They bring us all together.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above, and catch Poison Peril live at their Poison single launch party on Friday the 1st of June at Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar, North Melbourne. Tickets through Alley Cat Recording.