Shining Bird are looking for millions of dollars so they can quit their day jobs. Who’s going to step up?

If you could only choose one favourite song each year, what would you choose? It’s almost an impossible question to answer – for most, picking a #1 simply isn’t on the cards.

But for Happy and FBi Radio last year, it was Helluva Lot, the anthem from Shining Bird’s 2016 record Black Opal. It’s why we couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch these guys mid-tour, taking five to chat responsibility, new music and crispy cream puffs.

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What have Shining Bird been up to on the road? We talk puns, trade secrets and responsibility with the introspective South Coast rockers.

HAPPY: Hey guys, what are you up to at the moment? How’s the tour?

SHINING BIRD: Currently we are working on a new attitude, simply entitled “Dukkha”. The tour has been fun, kind of crap, and epic.

HAPPY: You’ve proved your love of puns to us before. Was there ever a song you really wanted to give a sillier name to, but couldn’t bring yourself to?

SHINING BIRD: Hmm. Caught in a Crispy Cream Puff still does the rounds for Distant Dreaming. Not even sure if that’s a pun.

HAPPY: Helluva Lot was literally Happy’s favourite song of last year, in part because it really seems to carry an important message. Can you talk about what this song means to the band?

SHINING BIRD: I think it touches on “responsibility”, the most uncool word possible when it comes to rock music. Springsteen can do it. Midnight Oil excel at it.

HAPPY: Is this a theme which was central to Black Opal, or were you tackling multiple issues?

SHINING BIRD: It does seem to crop up throughout the album. I’d love to say we are tackling issues, but the heart of each song is generally a mystery. I’m still trying to figure out what we’re on about.

HAPPY: How do you go about recording an choosing the samples you use in your music? Is there always an aim or do you sample far and wide before being more picky?

SHINING BIRD: Usually the songs will suggest a place or mood. Often two opposing moods or places. I normally just trial different samples until it feels right, or moves me in the right way.

HAPPY: Space and landscape seem to play a huge part in your music. What are some of the tricks you use to achieve this feeling, live or otherwise?

SHINING BIRD: I’m afraid these tricks are a secret for now.

HAPPY: You’re playing The Gum Ball soon, who are some of the bands you’re excited to share the stage with?

SHINING BIRD: Gareth Liddiard, Ocean Party, Regurgitator.

HAPPY: Are you working on anything new at the moment? What’s up next for Shining Bird?

SHINING BIRD: Yeah, just starting to write another album. Later in the year we’re going to be offered millions of dollars financial backing to keep doing our thing without shitty day jobs.


Catch Shining Bird live as they finish the tail end of their tour, hitting Sydney and The Gum Ball. Details below.

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