Shiva and the Hazards unleash a ‘70s rock n roll classic on ‘Revolution Son'

Shiva and the Hazards unleash a ‘70s rock n roll classic on ‘Revolution Son’

On their latest single, Shiva and the Hazards wind back the clock and call for revolution.

Shiva and the Hazards are back with a fresh and gritty new single, Revolution Son.

Bursting in ’70s rock n roll textures, the track is very different to the rich psychedelia we’ve come to know from the band. Sweltering and overflowing with nostalgia, the single’s air-tight rhythms and considered choruses are a testament to the group’s sonic versatility.

shiva and the hazards

Opening with a lightly distorted guitar to then erupt into a frenzy of ’70s-tinted rock, Revolution Son burns with ferocity and soul. The band manage to blend the grit of Creedence Clearwater with the sonic expressionism of The Verve, adding a dash of psychedelia to the mix through kaleidoscopic vocal echoes and watery riffs.

The slow build at the song’s bridge adds another irresistible layer to the piece, shifting the band’s sonic imagery from the dense heat of war to a purple-tinted landscape where melody and love can run free.

“With Shiva and the Hazards having been previously compared to the likes of The Verve, The Stone Roses and the DMA’s, Revolution Son sees the four-piece delve more into their psychedelic rock and roll side, taking cues from the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Angels,” the band’s press release reads.

Boasting rich riffs and punchy hooks, Revolution Son is a nostalgic sojourn that transports us back to the war-torn days of the ’70s.

Check out the track below: