Kid Blue serves up nocturnal hip-hop soundscapes on his latest single ‘Broken Bodies’

On his latest single, Kid Blue spins pain into strength and an air-tight flow. Broken Bodies is an anthem for everyone who has faced the unimaginable and carried on.

Kid Blue is well known for his ability to spin an addictive tune, it looks like his latest single is no exception. Rich with bravado and smoother than butter, Broken Bodies is a track so irresistible that it feels nothing short of an anthem.

Kid Blue’s enigmatic pacing and flow, coupled with the dark, city soundscape captured in his production will keep you pressing repeat all weekend.

kid blue

The beats in Broken Bodies hit like no other, highlighting the artist’s signature bassline and flairs. His flow is smooth, air-tight, and sultry, giving way to a rhythmically on-point sonic that switches up in the most needed moments.

Bringing Wifisfuneral on for that nocturnal groove was a stroke of genius as well, spinning a track that effortlessly displays the intricacies of cool while still boasting thought-provoking lyricism that flows over deep, dark production.

Thematically, the track tears apart the fabric between audience and artist, echoing through with a raw honesty. Broken Bodies is a catalyst of resilience, speaking to the agonies that we’re forced to overcome and the strength we find in soldiering on. The artist’s lyrics are both deeply personal, but manage to capture an experience that we can each relate to.


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12 more hours homies @wifisfuneral @takaperry #brokenbodies #getready

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“Kid Blue, a 20-year-old Hip Hop artist from Sydney, Australia, has emerged as one of the country’s finest young prospects in the scene,” his bio reads. “With very little support around him growing up, Kid Blue spent his defining years using music as a means of escape. Working on his craft since he was 12, he has developed his talent through attending numerous open mic sessions, practising over YouTube instrumentals, and picking up inspiration from artists before him and around him.”

Broken Bodies is easily Kid Blue’s strongest release to date, documenting his trajectory upwards in detail.

Check out the track below: