PREMIERE: Kyle Maher delivers introspective hip hop lyricism on ‘Better’

Sometimes, short periods of time can have the most significant and long-lasting effects on our lives and for Darwin artist Kyle Maher, the last two years have been a rollercoaster ride. 

Following heartbreak, newfound success and recognition, and some unexpected eye surgery, Kyle Maher has undertaken considerable growth and development. Now, the multi-skilled artist has a new single to show for it. 

Kyle Maher better

21-year-old artist Kyle Maher has just released Better, showcasing the beauty of his introspection as well as a plethora of musical influences. 

It’s easy to see someone based purely on their success, and for most onlookers, Kyle Maher was on top of the world. 2019 saw him gaining wide recognition as a solo artist and playing some of his biggest shows and festival slots. However, during this time, Maher was facing a number of challenges, including a devastating break-up with a long-term partner.

After crashing his ex-girlfriend’s car and moving out from living with her, Kyle wound up in hospital needing eye surgery after his new housemate assaulted him. As Maher reflected on his life during his hospital recovery, the young artist realised a string of truths about his sense of self. After his ex-girlfriend visited the artist, showing compassion towards him, Maher was humbled and inspired to become a better version of himself. 

Within the lyrics of Better, Maher has been able to integrate some of his newfound life lessons in subtle and nuanced ways. Through his poignant lyricism, Maher declares that there is no shame in coming to terms with our mistakes and striving towards a better version of ourselves. To learn and grow is to be a human being, and our imperfections don’t define us but inspire us to be more. 

Better’s lyrics are brought to life with an infectious hip-hop sound that makes you want to bop. Changes in pace add texture to the track that leaves you enthralled from start to finish. With plenty of room to grow and develop as an artist, it will be no surprise when Kyle Maher’s name is at the forefront of Australia’s hip hop space. 


Better is out everywhere on Friday 24 July.