LEISURE share effortlessly groovy new single ‘Slipping Away’

After a brief hiatus, critically acclaimed New Zealand band LEISURE have shared their brand new single, Slipping Away. 

Packing a punch and an infectious sense of groove, LEISURE have delivered a seamlessly relaxed and melodic track that will leave you feeling whole. 


Slipping Away is the first taste from Side A, the upcoming release from LEISURE, marking a deep dive into new sonic territories for the band. 

The smooth funk sensibilities of LEISURE are immediately apparent in Slipping Away, enveloping you in a psychedelic groove from the get-go. There’s something about the track that makes you want to move, the delicate percussion pulling you in alongside cool, blasé vocals.

Lyrically, the track bears a sense of warmth, exploring optimism and self-betterment in challenging times. Reflecting on the song, the band stated:

Slipping Away comes from a place of good intention. Knowing you need to step up and be better for the ones you love despite on-going challenges. Musically we based the song around the guitar riff which was a first for us.”

Something that stands out about LEISURE is the immense experience and influence shared between the five-piece. Often we see one dominant creative lead a band’s sonic and aesthetic vision, but this group is made up of a number of award-winning songwriters, producers, and creatives, each with their own strengths and styles. This has led the band to adopt a democratic creative process as a band, leading to sonic creations that stand out from many other releases. 

LEISURE’s latest single marks their first release since 2019’s sophomore album Twister, which boundary hopped between pop psychedelia, smooth R&B, and big room modern soul music. Slipping Away is a perfectly blissful funk track which hints at en epic upcoming release from the band. 


Slipping Away is out now