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Take a look at the Elektron Model:Cycles, a new FM groovebox

UPDATE: the Elektron Model:Cycles has now been released officially, and looks to be pretty much what was expected. Check out the video at the bottom of the page for a closer look.

With a visual preview appearing in a quickly depublished YouTube video, the Elektron Model:Cycles has also appeared on an Estonian retailer’s site, so we’ve been able to take an early look at the new machine.Elektron Model:Cycles

Leaked online a day early, take a first look at the Elektron Model:Cycles, a six-track FM groovebox and synthesiser in one.

The Elektron Model:Cycles appears to be in the same vein as the Model:Samples, but instead of working with samples the Model:Cycles uses six FM synth-based instruments.

The addition of the Model:Cyles to the Model:Samples suggests Elektron’s ongoing commitment to provide more streamlined and approachable products to complement their existing array of complex machines.

To this end, the Elektron Model:Cycles seems to be keeping it relatively simple. Featuring six instruments, (kick, snare, metal, perc, tone, and chord), and four controllers to shape the sound (colour, shape, sweep, and contour), the Model:Cycles also features delay and reverb processors. In addition, each track also features one assignable LFO and one assignable velocity modulation.

Like the Model:Samples, the Model:Cycles can also be used as a MIDI sequencer, with each of the six instrument tracks also functional as MIDI tracks. With 96 projects and up to 96 patterns per project, the 64 step sequencer packs a decent punch for a machine in this range.

All other specs on the Model:Cycles appear to be functionally the same as the Model:Samples, so it looks like the two machines will complement each other reasonably well.  For more information, head to Elektron.