SHORES trace the sharp edges of punk on 'She Gets What She Wants'

SHORES trace the sharp edges of punk on ‘She Gets What She Wants’

There’s something about SHORES that’s immediately captivating. Since their formation in 2019, the Brisbane band have been spinning painfully relatable experiences into an addictive blend of rock, blues, punk, and reggae. Their latest single is a testament to this creative lineage.

Where the band’s debut Peach Street was driven by sweltering grooves and tidal riffs, She Gets What She Wants cuts through with a punk edge. Equally as captivating but so diverse, the single is a shining example of the group’s versatility. It’s a track that will have you pressing rewind.


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Although SHORES were already known for their stylistic ambition, the band’s latest single She Gets What She Wants expands the group into new realms of sonic.

Ever since their origin in the Brisbane suburbs, SHORES have dedicated themselves to crafting as unique a sonic as they could muster. March’s Peach Street highlighted the group’s ability to blend polarising influences into a solid-gold groove. Their sophomore release now casts aside any assumptions made by audiences: resulting in a single that is anything but expected, yet undeniably SHORES.

Navigating an all-too-known anguish, the group trade sultry melodies for the sharp edges of punk-rock. She Gets What She Wants is a graphic, bass-driven ode to heartache, sonically laying miles away from the punchy hooks of their debut.


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Our new single, “She Gets What She Wants”, is out now on all streaming platforms! Go give it a listen, you know you want to 🤙 #shegetswhatshewants #newmusic #punk #punkrock #triplej #triplejunearthed

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“Our newest single, “She Gets What She Wants”, has been in the works for more than a year,” the band explained. “It was written from the perspective of someone who finds themselves unable to resist a person who might not be good for them – a universally relatable feeling. It’s a bit more of a slow burner than most of our other music, but still has a punky edge.”

She Gets What She Wants’ angst-laden chorus lends itself directly to the song’s subject matter. Beginning with distorted bass riffs, the band set up the scene perfectly for an early 2000’s punk-rock masterpiece. However, where an ’00s ballad would sweep off through unchained riffs, SHORES tastefully pull back towards their surf-rock roots. It makes the song feel smooth yet disruptive, all capped off by a quintessentially sweltering guitar solo and powerful vocals.

It’s the band’s powerful reflections which bind their catalogue together. An unbounded sonic connected by poignant lyricism, SHORES are undeniably formidable.

Check out She Gets What She Wants below: