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Yarntown: the nostalgic Bloodborne demake with Zelda graphics

Yarntown: a ‘demake’ of Bloodborne is now available to download for free. Bloodborne is the difficult RPG on par with the Dark Souls franchise, this demake of the game downgrades the stunning 3D world of Bloodborne and fuses it with The Legend of Zelda.

Demakes are often freeware or indie games designed to be more simplistic and retro such as Halo 2600 – a game released in 2010 for an Atari console from 1977. Created by Max Mraz, Yarntown is his demake of the popular FromSoftware game. Bloodborne demake, zelda

Yarntown is the free old school retro game combining the best of The Legend of Zelda and Bloodborne. This demake is available to download for free.

Yarntown takes the dark fantasy world of Bloodborne and infuses it with the rustic charm of traditional fantasy. Although nowhere near as complex as Bloodborne, the game does have its fair share of boss battles and similar combat mechanics.

Whilst highlighting the simpler sound, graphics and gameplay options, a good demake will still give players a fulfilling experience. Demakes are described as a ‘nostalgia filter’ where players can test new game mechanics as if they were back in the good old days.

As these games are often built upon copyrighted material, demakes often fall foul of copyright law as many of them are poor bootleg imitations of the game. But Yarntown has defined itself as more than a bootleg version of Bloodborne because it does not simply capitalize on the franchise’s success. The game gives users an unique experience by utilizing the best from two different games and adds a touch of cuteness to the original dark fantasy world.

Click here to download the game for free.