Sia admits that she “fucked up” after defending her controversial new film ‘Music’

Aussie singer-songwriter Sia is the living example of Ted Mosby’s “nothing good happens after 2 am” rule.

Australian artist Sia Furler has spent the last few weeks digging herself into a very deep hole. After receiving backlash for casting neurotypical actress Maddie Ziegler as an autistic character in her upcoming film Music, the pop icon proceeded to defend her decision with some less-than-satisfactory responses.

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Furler reflected on her tone-deaf comments and admits that she said she “should have just shut up.” 

maddie ziegler - sia

Exactly a month ago, Sia shared the trailer for Music on her Twitter. The film quickly received criticism for its casting of Maddie Ziegler as a non-verbal autistic character, striking a chord in the ongoing scandal surrounding the television and film industry’s tone-deaf representation of characters and casting choices.

However, instead of listening to the neurodivergent community about the harmful implications of her decision, Sia went on the defence. “I actually tried working with [a] beautiful young girl non verbal on the spectrum and she found it unpleasant and stressful. So that’s why I cast Maddie,” she Tweeted.

“She (Maddie) researched the role for two years, we watched movies together, and I taught her nuances and ticks I had observed from a friend [with autism]… She was worried people would make fun of her. I promised her I wouldn’t let that happen,” Sia continued.

In hindsight, the artist now says that she regrets not taking the high road: “Looking back, I should have just shut up; I know that now… It was three in the morning, and even though I have a rule that I don’t do anything emotional past midnight, I fucked up this time”. 

Making her directorial debut, it is undeniable that Furler would be under a mountain of pressure. In her interview with SMH, she discusses the stress of making the film and her fears that she will be cast into “artist purgatory” as a result of the scandal.

If there is anything we can learn from Sia, it would be to never do anything emotional past midnight

Music will be out in cinemas on January 14th. Check out the trailer below: