Simplify the world’s most complicated transport systems with the Mini Metros art series

Nine times out of ten, transport maps are absolute abominations. Detailing an entire metropolis worth of train lines, bus routes, boat paths or tramways is next to impossible, and the results are often a messed-up, approximate rendition of what is actually going on in a city. We’re looking at you, Sydney.

Despite this, a subculture of map lovers has continued to thrive, collecting, comparing and creating endless examples of satisfying map work. Washington DC based designer Peter Dovak is one of these folk, and his Mini Metros series could be the most satisfying yet.

Mini Metros Peter Dovak

An artist obsessed with simplifying the needlessly complex, Peter Dovak is showing the world’s transport in a different light with Mini Metros.

For now you won’t see any Australian cities in Dovak’s designs, but the library is still expanding. Thankfully he seems keen to take on anything from the single transport line of Harbin to the Beijing train clusterfuck, so none of our own cities are off the cards.

In his own words, Dovak aims to push “shrunken and simplified” versions of these transport systems, and he has completed over 200 so far.

See more of Mini Metros below, and keep and eye out for any forthcoming designs in the same style.

mini metros peter dovakVia Colossal.