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Tune into stations all over the world in real time with this interactive radio map

By News

Everybody loves to be a champion of their favourite local radio station. Sydney has FBi Radio, Melbourne has RRR, but every city on the planet, however minor, has some sort of broadcasting network set up to preach their music, news or opinions to whoever is listening.

With the internet,you can tune into a station halfway across the globe, but it’s near impossible to stay up to date with a music scene you’re so far removed from – especially since you need to know the station’s website to listen in.

interactive radio map

Shrink your world with Radio Garden, an amazing interactive radio map that lets you tune into stations all over the planet.

Radio Garden is something that has to be seen to be believed. In real time you can zoom around the planet and tune into radio stations anywhere on earth, from your local favourites to estranged community stations in the mid-US.

It’s obviously not complete – compiling every human broadcast into one place would be impossible – but if you get close enough to home you’ll find some familiar voices.

Follow this link to try it for yourself, but make sure you don’t have anywhere important to be first. Make sure you switch between all the tabs up top (Live, History, Jingles and Stories) for the full experience.


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December 19, 2016