Single Premiere: Mega Ogre – Hikikomori

Last we heard of Brisbane’s wonderfully, amazingly, onionly named Mega Ogre, was their jangly single The Ethereal Darkness Beyond Planet Earth – a track that showed the band were definitely taking notes during that lecture on 00’s twee and also sitting front row centre for Astronomy 101. Now, the four piece are back and more spacious than ever with the single Hikikomori, which sees the band traversing the mysteries of inner space.

mega ogre

Hikikomori is the first single in over a year from Mega Ogre, and we’re pumped to be premiering it right here! Scroll down for inner dreamgaze bliss.

The concept of Hikikomori (引き籠もり), for those of you not up to speed with your Japanese psychological phenomena, is the term given to people suffering acute social withdrawals. It’s onset occurs in the 20’s and is marked by a desire to stay indoors, to a point where a conditioned reclusiveness and shyness interferes with the day to day lives of the individual. Japanese medical and sociological discourse refers to factors such as post-industrial affluence among the middle class, an inability for some to formulate a public identity and high competition for well paid jobs in Japan as a result of a decade of a flat economy. But hey, if I had the opportunity to watch Takeshi’s Castle and Iron Chef without the silly overdubs, I’d probably stay inside a lot as well…

Rather fittingly, the track is a solemn, dreamy affair. Cold opening on “The only place I wanna be… is inside a screen”, whether that be inside the screen doors of the ogre’s Californian Bungalow or on the other side of one of these ubiquitous LCD’s, the imagery is pretty clear. The tom heavy drumbeat and the flatlining organ evokes a youthful naiveté in it’s whispered simplicity, much like our own Day Ravies, and I can’t help vibe on the slight Stone Roses-ness of the final chorus, or verse, or breakdown, or whatever that heavy bit is with the guitar and whatnot.

Hikikomori is out today, on the spookiest day of the year, Skeleton Christmas. Check out the soundcloud link below to have a listen and make sure to catch them at the single launch, or at one of the rad festivals they’ve been booked for over the summer.


Saturday, November 8th – Single Launch at Transpotters

Friday, November 21stJungle Love Festival

Wednesday, December 31stShedstock Festival