Mansions On The Moon – Mansions On The Moon

Mansions on the Moon were hailed as “The future of music” by Chad Hugo (N*E*R*D) and it’s easy to hear why with their latest self-titled offering.

Mansions on the Moon

Hailed as the future of music, Mansions On The Moon certainly don’t disappoint on their new self-titled release featuring top notch production and songwriting chops.

Very few opportunities come along to praise a band for it’s stellar production and significant songwriting skills. So often it’s either one or the other. Mansions on the Moon have managed to get both spot on. A recurring theme throughout are the vocal harmonies. Beautifully showcased in songs such as Don’t Tell. It’s easy to over-do harmonies but in the case of Mansions on the Moon, more is most definitely better.

By no means is it without it’s flaws though. Half-way through the record, you can sense that the band is still searching for that elusive ‘hit single’ track. You might wonder could they have got that accolade with the Empire of the Sun-esque Somewhere Else Tonight. It falls slightly short of being hit single quality, however it still is a great pop track which will most definitely be spun by DJs.

The record rides through nicely and hits us with Heart of The Moment, which could quite frankly be a Prince track. I like Prince. You like Prince. Who doesn’t like Prince? Effortlessly lifting itself with airy funkadelic guitars, it sits perfectly in the ear. A delight.

The thing is, at this point I’m preying for another dirty, sexy track; they give me All There Is.

And what a significant track this is. Beautifully understated and heartbreakingly delicate. Completely unexpected and totally relevant. The band could have played it safe here and threw in another electro/pop effort. Instead, they strip everything and let the track flow naturally. A stroke of genius in a world of albums made for the radio. It will never be a chart appeasing hit, but who cares? It’s absolutely stunning and that’s it’s own reward.

A solid effort from the L.A. band and shows enormous potential for their future releases.