Little May – Bones

The lovely lady trio is back to whisper sweet harmonised nothings in your ear, hunker down, grab a warm beverage* and enjoy the latest track from Little May, Bones.

Little May band

The tender melodies and gorgeous harmonies of Little May will have you falling for the folk trio. This has never been more true than with their latest release Bones.

Simple beats and mumbled croonings provide this track with a youthful innocence, an innocence that is, however, countered by a depth of thought and experience communicated through the lyrics. Taking a reported hour to write, this beautiful tune features Hannah Field’s wonderful smoky voice layered over harmonised backing by Liz Drummond and Annie Hamilton. A melodic combination of drums, synths, strings and guitars helps to create this delicately arranged musical story. Bones features some beautiful changes in tempo, building crescendos and balancing moments of solitary vocals which provides the track with an organic energy that caresses the listener.

The raw emotion that this trio are able to communicate through their unique tone and timber gets under your skin and reaches, dare I say it, your bones. Off their recently released debut self titled EP Bones feature’s the Little May signature haunting folk sound with a dash of something smokey and enigmatic, experience and maturity is woven through their songs adding a depth rarely found in your average folk music.

Part of Triple J’s unearthed program and winners of a spot in the 2014 Laneway line up, it seems like the Little May sound is finding a way to seep into the bones of many music lovers across Australia and now internationally. Currently touring in New York off the back of a London stint, it is clear that these guys are on the up and up!

They return for their Australian leg in November and will be hitting up Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Wollongong, Canberra, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Check out their Facebook or website for dates and locations.

*Warm beverage? Really?