Single Premiere: On The Stoop – Theme Song

As an editor at Happy I come across a lot of new music – which makes this the second greatest job ever, professional puppy cuddling master being the ultimate dream – so I like to think I’ve heard all there is worth hearing. Yet when the chief put the debut LP from Sydney’s On The Stoop on my desk I did not expect to hear the pure, amazing, ridiculous chaos that is this nine piece Sydney band.

On The Stoop

Say it with me people. Alternative, gypsy, cabaret. That is a genre, and it sure doesn’t get much better than On The Stoop. Listen to their new single Theme Song now!

Today we’re premiering the first single from the album, Theme Song. Fittingly enough Theme Song accomplishes what any good theme song should do, and that is set the tone for what is to follow. Theme Song, to put it simply, is chaos channelled through the power of a ridiculously energetic horn section. The bass maxing out on the funk meter is icing on the cake. The track is overflowing with upbeat party vibes, and I highly recommend that if you’re looking for a dance floor filler that doesn’t have the words “David” and “Guetta” in the tittle then Theme Song is your go-to party jam.

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But what is really great about this song and much more of On The Stoop’s catalogue is the unpredictable nature of their music. After the first minute and twenty seconds the bass gets incredibly intense while degenerate chanting and hollering can be heard in the background, making for a very raw and unnerving middle section for the song.

But when I say unnerving I mean it in the best possible way. The song twists and turns in ways you don’t expect it to bend, stemming form a sample of a recording of a woman on a sales call, her composed, scripted voice juxtaposed wonderfully well with the wild, unbridled hollering of male voices. It’s fitting in a way, that such wild, animal-like noises are accompanied by the stern instructions of a payment plan. Are we humans living naturally or have we been subdued by something superficial? Deep stuff there, or maybe I’m reading too far into it.

I’ve been told that On The Stoop are on a whole other level when they play live, and that no recording could do them justice. Which is crazy to think when what I’m hearing is so fantastically bizarre and yet frantically insightful. So if you’re keen to catch the creative storm of On The Stoop live make sure to head to their CD launch on November 14 at Venue 505.

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