Single Premiere: The Infants – Ape

“For The Infants, off kilter is on point” – this is how Melbourne post-punk four piece introduce themselves to music fans stumbling across their bandcamp page. I’d say off kilter doesn’t quite cut it – The Infants music pierces the veil of kiltness and breaks on through to the other side. Creep rock. Skulk pop. Luigi’s Hunted Mansionwave.

the infants

You heard it here first – we premiere the latest simian single Ape from Melbourne’s The Infants.

We’re lucky enough to be premiering Ape, the latest way-off kilter tune from these dudes, a decidedly post-punk affair to the tune of the 00’s. Still present are the Congratulatory Halloween acid party vibes, yet an undeniable danciness that seems more fit for a Karen O / Kele kollaboration makes it’s presence more than known. Specifically, I’m talking about those high-hats that are so sizzly you can almost smell the $2 snags in the Bunnings carpark and the bassline that is so poppy, you could wear it on your collar on Remembrance day without anyone batting an eyelid.

The last we heard of The Infants was way back in April, when the sun was still our friend and our heavier jackets were still in the closet – that single Halves was the first taste from the band’s second EP. Listening again to both their cephalopodic 2013 self titled and the first single, it’s interesting how much I feel I remember. Maybe it’s the nasopharyngital viruses running rampant throughout my mind and body, but The Infants’ sound seems awfully familiar, and at this point I’m not sure whether I’ve just heard it all before or whether their quirky delusional pop just happens to be linking perfectly with my deliria.

The upcoming EP Low Rumble will be released digitally on September 5 and launched live at The Gasometer in Collingwood onSeptember 6. Notably, we can also expect an upcoming video for Ape, featuring what has been described as 50 Shades of Blaise, which we think we might be excited for. Maybe? I didn’t read the book, but I saw the memes on reddit.



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