Siv Jakobsen kicks love to the kerb with her symphonic heartbreak album The Nordic Mellow

Bringing in delicate instrumentals, soft undertones and powerful lyrics, Siv Jakobsen is the Norwegian singer/songwriter that boasts elegance and beauty throughout every single beat of her music.

Jakobsen released her latest masterpiece, The Nordic Mellow, just last month, which welcomes listeners into a floaty, emotional compilation of slow moving tracks that overlay a deeper, sadder story.

The Nordic Mellow is a beautifully orchestrated record, Siv Jakobsen’s compelling vocals dancing between themes of loneliness, a broken heart and the uphill battle of picking yourself back up again.

Made up of ten gut-wrenching songs that will tug at all heart strings at once, The Nordic Mellow is a unique combination of dark lyrics, symphony-inspired instrumentals and Jakobsen’s gentle yet mellifluous vocals.

While the first two tracks off the record To Leave You and Change (and most songs which follow) directly adhere to these structural principles, it’s not a record without welcome discrepancies. The third track, Shallow Digger, presents an unexpected, percussive and cinematic surprise, labelling itself an immediate standout.

Compacted with dramatic guitar strokes, booming drum beats, powerful vocals and emitting almost what feels like a sun-drenched, tribal vibe, the track is an unexpected burst of intensity, offering some diversity to The Nordic Mellow.

As the album progresses, Jakobsen resumes her softer ballads and gentle guitar strokes and we’re once again washed over with a wave of clarity and a sense of longing.

You’ll leave the record with a profound notion of temperature weeping into your conscience; a hot and cold juxtaposition which pervades the whole album. While the consistent string section emanates a radiant warmth, Jakobsen’s aches (and likely her physical surroundings) betray a colder edge.

Taking note of the titles on the track list, it’s evident The Nordic Mellow is the soundtrack to heartbreak, falling out of love and the emotional frustration that comes with being in a relationship.

For an album holding a much heavier context, the instrumental components contrasted with Jakobsen’s euphoric vocals construct a beautifully surreal experience, with the tracks painting the visuals of a scene from a snow-drenched fairytale.

Whether you’re suffering from heartbreak or just want to tap in to your emotional side, The Nordic Mellow is a well-crafted compilation of soothing melodies that have an instantly calming effect.


Starting today in Brussels, Siv Jakobsen is embarking on a massive 26-date tour throughout Europe. Catch the full run of dates and grab tickets on her website.