Sleater-Kinney’s Raw and Honest Journey in “Say It Like You Mean It”

Wrap your eyes and ears around the latest drop from Sleater- Kinney, a total mood of stripped down heart wrenching farewells

Sleater-Kinney, the legendary rock band celebrated for their fearless sound and even more fearless lyrics, has just announced their forthcoming album and gifted us a new single ‘Say It Like you Mean It’ in the process.

Their eleventh studio album, “Little Rope,” is slated for release on January 19, promising a raw journey through emotion and a fearless exploration of the human experience.

But fresh off the press is their latest single, “Say It Like You Mean It,” accompanied by a visually striking video personally helmed by Carrie Brownstein.

Starring J. Smith-Cameron from the acclaimed series “Succession,” the video paints a poignant picture of a relationship on the edge.

Fueled by a memorable, stripped-down riff, the track lays bare the ache of a heart-wrenching farewell. J. Smith-Cameron’s portrayal exudes unfiltered authenticity, embodying the pain encapsulated in Corin Tucker’s lyrics, “Say it like you mean it / I need to hear it before you go / Say it like you mean it / This goodbye hurts when you go.”

Teaming up with Desert Island Studios, a forward-thinking, minority-owned production company committed to shattering barriers in the media industry, this video imbues an extra depth to the narrative.

This partnership with historically marginalized communities truly underscores Sleater-Kinney’s steadfast commitment to inclusivity and representation.


Recorded at Flora Recording and Playback in Portland, Oregon, under the expert guidance of Grammy-winning producer John Congleton, “Little Rope” is poised to stand as one of Sleater-Kinney’s most unguarded and soul-bearing creations to date.

The initial release, “Hell,” has been hailed as “big, bold, ferocious and plainspoken” by Paste Magazine, with The New York Times acknowledging its searing emotional intensity.

The album plunges headlong into the complexities of a world in perpetual turmoil, delving into the profound impact this reality has on individuals and society as a whole.

The ten tracks traverse a spectrum of emotions, from contemplative introspection to anthemic declarations, unveiling intricate musical arrangements that underscore the depth of the band’s creative process.

The genesis of the album took a poignant turn in the autumn of 2022 when tragedy struck Carrie Brownstein. A call from Corin Tucker, prompted by an urgent message from the American embassy in Italy, revealed the devastating news of a car accident that claimed the lives of Brownstein’s mother and stepfather.

This shattering event irrevocably altered the emotional landscape of the album. As Brownstein and Tucker grappled with grief, “Little Rope” emerged as a powerful exploration of how we navigate loss, who we lean on, and the transformative power it wields.

In 2024, Sleater-Kinney will hit the road in support of “Little Rope,” promising electric performances and an opportunity for fans to connect with the band’s profound new material.

The tour will kick off on February 28th in San Diego and include multiple nights in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Portland.

“Little Rope” drops on January 19 via Loma Vista pre-save here.

Check out Sleater-Kinney tour dates here.