Slim Jeffries play pub rock fast and loose

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Weaving together the aggressive hip-hop thrash of Rage Against the Machine, the genre bending funk-punk of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the otherworldly jams of Aussie psych outfit Pond, four-piece Slim Jeffries are a new rock act intent on bringing their bombastic fusion of sound to the Melbourne pub scene.

Slim Jeffries

Melbourne four piece Slim Jeffries play pub rock fast and loose, just the way it should be. Their explosive fusion of genres is a force to reckon with.

Comprised of lead guitarist Nick Renton, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Hugo Dean, drummer Andre Ricardo and bassist Sam Blackburne the group formed in October 2014 when schoolmates Nick, Hugo and Andre linked up with bass slapper Sam. The band has been busy over the last few months honing their live sound and playing around the Melbourne gig circuit.

Taking a D.I.Y. approach to recording the band dropped first track Popular Delivery in February and follow-up Hung Over earlier this month. The boys are currently in the process of laying down third track Pirate Song and working on their unnamed debut EP due to launch later in the year.

Kicking off with some mellow guitar licks, a funky unison riff and in your face lyrics the group’s first track Popular Delivery evokes the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, albeit with a distinctively Aussie hip-hop vibe, before breaking away into a killer crescendoing psychedelic blues guitar jam reminiscent of The BeatlesI Want You So Bad (She’s So Heavy). Using a fast/slow dynamic and catchy hooks second track Hung Over tells the narrative of the slow but inevitable recovery from a big night out.

Exemplifying the group’s freestyle approach to composition the track starts with a slow heavy rock vibe before building into an alternating fusion of fast paced indie rock choruses and anthemic pub rock verses with an electrifying psychedelic jam thrown in for good measure. Lyrics like “I woke up at the back of my shed whiskey and smokes all in my head“, grating vocal delivery and a thudding rhythm section perfectly conveys the feeling of a day spent wallowing in bed after a big night.

Playing fast and loose with musical barriers, throwing together an eclectic array of sounds and laying down some psychedelic licks to turn out some great rock tracks Slim Jeffries are definitely a band that stands out amongst the clatter and din of the Melbourne pub rock scene.

For those keen to catch the band live Slim Jeffries will playing their next gig at the scenic Shadow Electric band room on July 2nd.

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