Smaal Cats – Free Your Mind

Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Narrabeen, Smaal Cats are out of control careening onto the music scene and we are totally digging their sounds. Raw, gritty with just the right touch of contrived, this carefree crew have an amazing energy pumping out of their hearts and out of their music.

smaal cats

The cat’s always been out of the bag, Sydney’s Smaal Cats’ highly energised bluesy rock with Gradon’s signature raw and screechy vocals hit the mark .

Formed in late 2011 and signed on with Cabinjam Records in 2012, this four piece band consists of Charlie Gradon on vocals and guitar, Brendon Ludlow on bass, Michael Sacco on the lead guitar and saxophone, and Brad Landy on the drums. Recognised by Triple J Unearthed and seen frequently playing shows around the various bars and nightlife clubs of Sydney, Smaal Cats are slowly but surely getting on the radar.

Their music usually maintains Gradon’s unfiltered voice cutting through moody guitar riffs, only to later (in typical Smaal Cats fashion) become absolutely crazed and uplifting as the song progresses and bursts into being. It’s very reminiscent of an early Kings of Leon in their Aha Shake Heartbreak album, with wavering and sporadic vocals propelling their songs through all the rolls, waves, swells, and crashes of the choppy ocean that their music has to offer us.

Not to mention the fact that the band is absolute lightening on stage, with Gradon acting as the attention grabbing human beacon; rumour has it Gradon leaves his bodily shell to existentially float above his audience and whisper sweet nothings into their ears whilst performing. Needless to say, the singer becomes very immersed in his music when he’s in the zone.

The band have only a few songs to their name at the moment, including Bitch, Ner Ner Ner, and Ladadadada, but it’s still an achievement considering how much attention they seem to be getting. And of course the talent that can be seen emanating from the crew is always ridiculously evident.

Which brings us to their latest victory. Kicking off with a power cow bell (only good things happen after aggressively enthusiastic cow bell sequences), the ripping vocals and electric guitar shreds found in Smaal Cats’ new song Free Your Mind, shortly establishes a fun and fast paced song. Complete of course with the catchy riffs and beachy vibes that are intrinsically linked to the Smaal Cats sound.

The song does stand out from past releases however. Free your Mind is a bit more chaotic and definitely a darker alternative in comparison to other songs in the past. The chords are much more melancholic and overlap each other sharply and vivaciously, as opposed to songs like Ladadadada who’s springy vibes are very much positive.

So, if you want good times and great hits, Smaal Cats, look them up!

Catch them at Brighton Up Bar, Saturday 31st January.