Introducing: Forest Temple

Hidden deep within the Blue Mountains, newbie psych pop duo Forest Temple have released the soundtrack for your recurring dreams. Channeling classic pop through VHS and other ancient technologies, the elusive pair’s trippy noise is sure to send you far, far away. Think blue skies, endless oceans and abandoned buildings and you’ll get a sense of what this band is all about: floaty sounds, sleepy vocals and immersing yourself in dreamland.

Forest Temple

Forest Temple are so reclusive we don’t even have a photo of them. But the duo’s, music is a true gem of pysch pop, and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

Recently signed to Sydney record label Skydreams, Leon and Val make up the mysterious duo. Hunkering down in their secluded mountain studio late last year, they recorded their double A-side with a bunch of dusty analogue gear. Released to our earholes just recently, get ready to float away to la-la land.

Debut single Under is your first trip into the unknown – its slow pulsing beat lulling you into your slumber. Drowsy vocals then force you to completely let go and drift away into a land where synthesisers blur the pastel images in your mind. But, when the drum beat wafts in faster and louder, it swirls the melody into a kaleidoscope of colour and plunges you into a hypnotic state. If all that sounds like fun, just wait until you check out their optical illusion video clip – yet another head trip you’ll wanna take.

Likewise, second track Thick As Forest leaves you lost in a daydream. Opening with a wistful beat, you’ll already be a world away long before the hazy vocals and fuzzy guitars glide in and sail you to some distant cosmos. With another flurry of mesmeric sounds, the track’s sleepy rhythm intoxicates the senses and makes you see blue skies for miles and miles – a daydream you’ll never want to leave.

Shrouded in mystery like a hidden forest temple should be, only time will tell if we get to discover more about this dreamy duo. With such a promising psych pop sound, I for one am excited to hear what other faraway noises they’ll set free from their secluded mountain studio in the months to come. But, for now, I recommend you lose yourself in their distant dreamland.



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