Introducing: BØRNS

Based in LA, the Michigan-originated, Garrett Borns, is the man behind BØRNS. Having always been involved with art and the arts scene from a young age, Garrett told ‘Music Times’ that he “Would often be selling art or performing at children’s parties, when he himself was a kid.” From here he continued performing and growing as an artist, which saw him playing many local gigs and thus was able to start supporting himself as a musician.


Whether he’s writing songs in a treehouse or singing duets in a parked car, the incredible music of BØRNS is something you’ll all be familiar with this year!

With this newfound career outlook, he made the finger-crossing move to LA that many undertake to pursue a life within the arts. It was then that he created the alias BøRNS and followed this passion for music. Luckily for all of us listeners, this move was a success, as now we are able to listen to his ear- pleasing creations!

Signing with Interscope Records his EP, Candy, was released in November last year. The EP is a real correlation of genres that combine to create twenty- minutes of blissful listening. With his use of alternative, folk, dream, psych and electro-pop elements, his EP is a floating on air experience that will leave you wanting more of his happiness-causing-vibes.

10,000 Emerald Pools is a track that was released in October in anticipation for the EP release. It not only introduced BøRNS to the music scene but also propelled his career. This summer-y song was written whilst sitting in a tree house- yes you did read that right- he wrote the song in a tree house! That instantly catapults the track into the seriously-musically-cool-category. The use of loud synth and comforting baseline, whilst being greeted with his unique vocals, crash then merge together to produce a real relaxation-worthy and hypnotic track!

When commenting on the song, BøRNS described the writing process as “When you feel an emotion so visceral and potent, the songs write themselves. I didn’t consciously write it, it came from the feeling of longing and the world slowing down when you dive deep into love.”

This is definitely reflected. The track is opened with haunting yet angelic sounding vocals that expose the listener to an elegant balance of emotionally fragile lyrics and strong musical backing. The lyrics in 10,000 Emerald Pools are a reflection on BøRNS comment on the of the feeling of wanting and guide the listener on an expressive exploration of love, longing and dependence.

His American tour starts in February and finishes in April 2015 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he decides to take his tour global.



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