Introducing: Flower Drums

The melodic & sincere stylings of Perth’s Flower Drums is a must have this new year for any fan of dreamy pop-rock.

They continuously offer you a lot to work with, you can use them in a variety of ways and there’s usually something to suit everyone’s tastes – drums are basically the yum cha of the music world.

Whether they’re thrashing and vibrant or lean more towards the clean, electronic side of beats, percussion can make or break by characterising the band’s overall sound. Flower Drums fall into the latter category, blending soft synthetic beats with smooth spacey vocals. And it’s bloomin’ delightful.

Flower Drums

The pop based four-piece appeared on Perth’s music scene just over a year ago and have since gained exposure through a US tour, winning an elusive spot at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Fremantle and being featured on high rotation at Triple J. Amongst all this madness, and a myriad of live shows, somehow the band has managed to write and prepare for their forthcoming EP 28 Mansions.

Bad Websites is the first single off the anticipated seven track release. The song begins with a series of electronic samples initiating the beat, which then transforms into a typical Flower Drums willowy tune. Hazy, hypnotic and all-around beautiful vocals are abundant with singer Leigh Craft’s voice acting as the current, pulling you out to sea then dumping you back in reality at the end of the song. With lyrics such as “You know I’m always on your side until we die, if that’s alright. People always change their minds, I’m sticking to it”, it’s not hard to see the honesty this band injects into their songs.

Like Bad Websites, the rest of Flower Drums’ discography is clean, relaxed and features a soft, pounding beat in the background. Flower Drums have a humble simplicity about their work and songs such as Don’t Wait (feat. St. South) prove the young band has restraint in their song writing beyond their years. So many intricate elements are added to create just one song, yet everything sits comfortably in its place. For fans of smooth electro-pop tunes, this is the band for you.

Loved for their down-to-earth nature, adored for their smooth dream-pop styling, Flower Drums in for one hell of a year in 2015. Their upcoming EP 28 Mansions is set to be released early 2015.