Nightmare fuel: A baby snake was found inside a Queensland teen’s asthma puffer

A local snake-catcher has found a baby snake inside a teenage girl’s asthma puffer and sufficed to say, it ain’t easy being wheezy.

In Australia, you never know when the next creepy-crawly is going to rear its scaly head. Huntsman spiders in the living room, snakes in puffers, can we start a petition to keep the outside, OUTSIDE?

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said that the girl noticed the snake slither out of her clothes and onto her bedroom floor when she was bringing in her washing. If ever there was an excuse to not do your laundry, this is it.

Snake inside puffer

When the Gold Coast Snake Catcher’s searched the home in Bli Bli, the baby red-bellied black snake was found inside the girl’s open inhaler. It only takes choking on a loose mint from your pocket once to really hammer home the importance of those little plastic lids… let alone a venomous snake.

“This is crazy and super lucky we were able to find the snake,” said the Snake Catchers on Facebook. “It’s one of the most incredible places we have ever found a snake before and glad Heather[snake catcher] was able to catch and relocate it safely.”

According to the Australian Museum, red-bellied black snakes “occur from southeastern Queensland through eastern New South Wales and Victoria.” Apparently, they do not occur at all on Kangaroo Island – worth looking into for an asthmatic-friendly holiday.

Unless you want to look like Bronson from Round The Twist – with the whirling derfish in his mouth – follow Keegan-Michael Key’s advice for cool kids with asthma, paying specific attention to Step #2: “Check for dust y’all” (or, you know, smol snakes).