Snoop Dogg responds to beef over Eminem's "soft ass shit" new diss track

Snoop Dogg responds to beef over Eminem’s “soft ass shit” new diss track

Snoop Dogg has finally spoken out after copping a heavy diss in Eminem’s new album Music to Be Murdered By.

The beef in question began in July 2020 on an episode of The Breakfast Club, when Snoop Dogg chose several hip-hop stars who he considers to be the greatest rappers of all time. Eminem sadly didn’t make the cut, with Snoop noting that Slim Shady would be nothing without Dr. Dre.

While Snoop said that Eminem was still “one of my teammates, one of my brothers,” he also noted that “when you’re talking about this hip-hop shit that I can’t live without, I can live without that.”

Eminem and Snoop Dogg Beef
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Ouch. As a result, Em laid the beef bare on his new track Zeus, which he released earlier this month as part of his Music to be Murdered By deluxe album. The record also featured a few diss tracks aimed at pop-punk rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Eminem wrote that his new rival had “dogged” him after Snoop explained why the Detroit rapper didn’t make his list.

“As far as squashing beef I’m used to people knocking me / But just not in my camp / And diplomatic as I’m tryin’ to be / Last thing I need is Snoop doggin’ me / Man, Dogg, you was like a damn god to me / Meh, not really (haha) / I had dog backwards,” Eminem rapped on Zeus.

The rapper touched upon these feelings further in an interview with his own station, Shade 45, saying it was “the tone [Snoop] was using” that caught him “off guard”.

“I just saw you [Snoop]. What the fuck? It threw me for a loop. Again, I probably could’ve gotten past the whole tone and everything, but it was the last statement where he said, ‘Far as music I can live without, I can live without that shit.’ Now you’re being disrespectful. It just caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready for that.”

Fast forward to now, when Snoop left a comment on an Eminem fan post which compiled clips of the rapper explaining why he called out Snoop by name.

“Was Snoop Dogg being disrespectful when he said he could live without Eminem’s music?” the post asked, to which Snoop quickly responded: “Pray I don’t answer that soft ass Shit,” followed by three laugh-cry emojis.


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Well, it seems there’s blood in the water.

Snoop and Eminem run in the same circles and have both worked extensively with Dr. Dre. As such, it’s understandable why Eminem was shocked to hear Snoop dissing him so fervently.

Eminem also recently admitted, in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music‘s At Home With series, that he doesn’t feel as influential as some of rap’s legendary figures.

“I know I’ve been around for a minute, but I don’t feel like honestly, in my heart of hearts, I don’t feel like anything I did, anything I’ve done up to this point is more influential than they were to their era,” he said. “To me, I will never mean more than they meant to their era.”