Machine Gun Kelly hits back at Eminem over brutal new diss track

Machine Gun Kelly has responded to Eminem’s diss track with a refined and utterly brutal comeback.

If Eminem knows anything, it’s how to start beef. From Xtina to Will Smith, Slim Shady is the king of high-profile feuds and no-one is immune. The latest star on his radar is none other than pop-punk rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

After unleashing a tirade of shade towards the Texan-born artist on his latest album, Marshall Mathers has finally got what was coming to him.

machine gun kelly Eminem
Photo: Johnathan Weiner for NME

Last week, Eminem dropped a surprise new B-Side addition to his 2020 album Music To Be Murdered By. On said addition, the rapper unleashed not one, but two hits at his ongoing feud with Kelly.

“Fair weather, wishy-washy, she thinks Machine washed me. Swear to God, man, her favourite rapper wish he’d crossed me,” he spat on Zeus. He added another loving dig on Gnat: “They come at me with machine guns, like trying to fight off a gnat.”

This isn’t the first time that the Kelly/Shady feud has been extended into lyrics either. On his 2020 track Bullets With NamesKelly gloated about ‘killing’ the 48-year-old rapper, while taking more shots at Mathers’ age and sobriety on his 2018 single RAP DEVIL

30-year-old Kelly has finally broken his silence on the most recent exchange, however, tweeting the phrase “those subliminals” with a bin and laughing emoji attached. Hectic stuff.

Fans are frothing at the thought of another diss-heavy track from Kelly, but only time will tell. “Put us on a track, see who comes harder,” Kelly told fans back in 2019.

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