Take a 15-minute tour of Super Nintendo world with Shigeru Miyamoto

Ever wanted to step into a real-life Mario level? Super Nintendo World is now up and running in Osaka – take a virtual tour with Shigeru Miyamoto to learn what it’s all about.

Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom. Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan will officially open Super Nintendo World on February 4th, bringing a number of iconic Mario locations to the real world.

The latest Nintendo Direct didn’t feature any new games, Super Smash Bros. character reveals, or the like. Instead, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto used the stream to take Nintendo fans on a guided virtual tour of the new park.

super nintendo world osaka japan

The park seems to hold interactivity at its core – visitors will be able to wear various ‘Power-Up’ bands on their wrists, allowing them to punch coin blocks and interact with other aspects of the park environment.

As it stands, Super Nintendo World contains a cafeteria run by Toads, a massive outdoor area decked out in animatronic Yoshis, Koopa Towers, and Piranha Plants, an augmented reality Mario Kart space called Bowser’s Castle, and heaps more.

There’s also a real-life replica of Princess Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64. If you listen closely in the foyer, you’ll even hear the original game music playing in the background – apparently just one of the many places game scores will play throughout the park.

Check out the full tour below, and find out more about Super Nintendo World here.